Products Only Available In Store and to Order by Phone

Due to updates to our product assortment and our online store, some existing InVite Health products are available to purchase only in store or over the phone.

These include:

Biotin (Item MAR910)
Bromelain (Item HIC0077)
DHEA (Item HIC0018)
Enhanced Vitamin C Serum (Item MAR979)
Facial Revising Moisturizer (Item MAR504)
Firming Facial Toner CS (Item MAR523)
Gentle Facial Cleanser (Item MAR522)
Gentle Facial Moisturizer (Item MAR521)
Hair Repair Treatment Mask (Item MAR914)
Homocysteine Hx (Item HIC0086)
L-Lysine (Item HIC0008)
Moistening Body Silk (Item MAR508)
Nuristatin (Item HIC0037)
Protective Hand Cream (Item MAR510)
Shaving Cream (Item MAR956)
Silica (Item HIC0088)
Uric Hz (Item HIC0128)
Vitamin B-12 (Item HIC0017)
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) (Item MAR928)
Vitamin C Face Serum (Item MAR973)
White Tea Tx (Item MAR032)

To find out the availability of specific InVite Health products not listed on this site, please contact customer service or your local store.

InVite Health contact information can be found here.